BODY THERAPY
Back & Shoulder Massage                        30min          £25.00
Enjoy a relaxing back massage to ease the tension normally found in the back and shoulder area.
Full Body Massage                                       60MIN           £37.00
Full body massage using a Swedish massage techinques designed to ease tension, relieve stress and promote a general state of well-being.
Aromatherapy Back & Shoulder Massage      45min         £30.00
Indian Head Massage                                         45min           £30.00
Indian Head Massage is a wonderful treatment for the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face.  It relieves muscle tension and induces deep relaxation.  This treatment is done fully clothed and seated.
Deep Cleansing Back Treatment                     60min            £35.00
This clariying treatment is perfect to help decongest oily, spot prone skin.  Your skin will be deep cleansed and exfoliated followed by a hot aromatic compress to relax the pores.  Following extractions the treatment includes a relaxing massage and deep cleansing mask.
The perfect treatment before a holiday or wearing a backless dress.
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